Our Core Values




We are passionate about providing the best, most comprehensive treatment possible to our patients. We believe in performing tasks thoroughly and completely. Our commitment to excellence is not easy, but our determination drives us.


We respect ourselves, our team, our patients, and our community. We are sincere in our communication and actions, which fosters deep trust among all. At our core, we care deeply for others and have chosen a profession that allows us to exercise that feeling daily.


We have the freedom in our life to think creatively. We use that creativity to find simple, elegant solutions to our problems and to develop unique patient treatments. We see challenges as tests, inefficiencies as opportunities, and new technologies as tools.


We seek to create joy in our patients lives. We have fun every day and we invite others to join in with us. We are fortunate to work with people and on behalf of patients that we admire and respect, so happiness comes easy. We celebrate our successes and share that positive feeling with others.


We are individual owners and problem solvers. We are dependable to ourselves, our team, and our patients, no matter how big or small the task. We encourage each other and welcome positive feedback from our patients, but we also relish the fact that much of this work will go unrecognized.

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