Will it hurt?

Most often, when discussing treatment options the first question we get asked is – will it hurt?

All of our procedures are meant to help you and we want you to be at ease and comfortable while getting your dental care. We offer multiple options to help your dental experience go smoothly.

Procedures and materials continue to improve over time and newer methods help us to achieve efficient and gentle care. The dental treatment procedures that are done at our office are done with local anesthetic. There is no need to worry about being “put to sleep.” Local anesthetics are given by an injection. To make that go smoothly we apply a topical gel to your gum that will help numb. Dr. Hubis is great about using specific anesthetics to get you completely numb while using the smallest amount possible to get the results we need.

If you have a fear of the injection we offer nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as laughing gas. This will help to relax you and helps ease any fears. After the dental procedure, some light soreness can be present but quickly goes away with following all post op instructions.

If you have any other concerns, feel free to let us know and we can help you with any other options. We look forward to helping you achieve dental health!

Olivia Posey