Having a procedure done at Complete Dentistry with Dr. Hubis?

We use something during your time here called the Isodry. The Isodry helps your clinical staff ensure that your procedure goes smoothly every time and allows us to control the “condition” of your mouth.

During some procedures, it is very important to keep the area we are working in dry. The Isodry serves as a great purpose in that it allows us a free hand to work with, while doing a laundry list of things for you, and us. It allows you to rest comfortably on its convenient bite block to rest your jaw during long procedures, retracts your tongue for us, and allows you to swallow during the procedure without closing – which allows us to continue to work. The most important thing that the Isodry does for us is keep everything dry, which is very important while doing a filling or cementing a crown.

The Isodry is very comfortable to use and most patients enjoy using it to rest their jaw during a procedure.

See you soon for your next dental visit!

Your dental assistant,
Jaira Gordon